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What is the security feature?

Users of ABNB@Home have always authenticated themselves to gain access. From now on, ABNB@Home will reciprocate and will also authenticate itself to you.

You will know with certainty that you are visiting ABNB@Home because you will be presented your image and passphrase that you selected upon enrollment each time you logon to ABNB@Home.

If there is ever an instance that you are accessing your account through ABNB@Home and the image and passphrase is either missing or incorrect, please discontinue your login and contact an ABNB representative immediately at (757) 523-5300.

Will I have to answer a Challenge Question each time I login?

Once you have authenticated your personal computer, you will not be required to answer these "challenge questions" each time you login. You will only be presented with these "challenge questions" when accessing your account on a public computer that has not been authenticated.

Why am I not receiving the notification emails/text messages that I used to get when logging into my account?

The new authentication process does not have the log-in notification feature. You do have the ability to check your login history through 'Your Preferences'. Plus you will automatically receive an email any time your contact information, password, email address, or audio response pin is changed.

Am I required to enroll in the security feature?

Yes, you will be required to enroll in the security feature. We want to ensure that our members are using the most effective security measures to protect their accounts. For your convenience, you will be given 3 opportunities to delay enrollment into the security feature.

A User ID and Password is required to log in to our services. Services are provided through a secure connection. If you have difficulty logging in please click the Forgot your password link, call ABNB at (757) 523-5300 or email us at abnbserv@abnb.org -DO NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Acct #, SS #, etc) in your email.